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Recycled Tin Dancing Girl Earrings Recycled Hardware Earrings Recycled Cassette Tape Wallet Recycled Paper Flower Earrings
Recycled Crocheted T-Shirt Handbags Recycled Newspaper Bracelet Recycled Chopsticks Lamp Recycled Bombshell Earrings
Recycled Game Card Notepads - Set of 3 Recycled Building Block Bracelet
Great Recycled Gifts is a different type of a gift company… everything we offer is made from something that was destined for the garbage or landfill. From broken furniture to stacks of old comic books… it was hasta la vista, adios ... goodbye! Nope… nothing here is mass-produced and every product has its own story! You’ll be amazed at the ingenuity and creativity that goes into the products we offer.